Reaffirm Your Strengths

Beth Masterman

A Wild Boar was engaged in whetting his tusks upon the trunk of a tree in the forest when a Fox came by and, seeing what he was at, said to him, “Why are you doing that, pray? The huntsman are not out today, and there are no other dangers at hand that I can see.” “True, my friend,” replied the Boar, “but the instant my life is in danger I shall need to use my tusks. There’ll be no time to sharpen them then.”

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Aesop [2004-02-01]. Aesop’s Fables; a new translation [p. 40]. Public Domain Books. Kindle Edition. Illustration by Milo Winter (1886-1956).

About Beth Masterman

Beth Masterman

My Executive Coaching technique draws upon my professional background and experiences in business (profit and non-profit), law, government, politics, and psychology.  I have practiced my craft from many perspectives and pull it together to help you free your mind from inhibiting mental sets and habits. You are successful for many reasons and you like feeling accomplished.

Together, we examine how you think about your pressing issues from your current perspective and how you could think about those issues in different and equally reasonable ways.  What is happening now? Why is that happening, repeatedly? What options do you have? What would you recommend to someone else in your situation? What are you resisting? How do you go about avoiding uncomfortable situations?

We identify your goals, your values, and your comfort zone. We assess the quality of your impact, effectiveness, and relationships at work.  You heighten your self-awareness, discover new options, and reaffirm and reinvigorate your strengths. Stop Problem Dodging and start Problem Solving.

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Beth Masterman

People who stand out  display authenticity in their professional, social, and private lives.  It resonates and communicates a strong message to others about who they are, what matters, and what they will stand up for.  Do you know what you do best and why that is important to you and to others?  Do your recognize when you are required  and how to ‘stretch’ when a challenge does not play to your strength?  What strategies and inner resources to you have within your control to meet sudden or long term challenges?  When you heighten self-awareness you intensify your focus, impact, efficiency. and locus of control.

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