Reaffirm Your Strengths

Beth Masterman

A Wild Boar was engaged in whetting his tusks upon the trunk of a tree in the forest when a Fox came by and, seeing what he was at, said to him, “Why are you doing that, pray? The huntsman are not out today, and there are no other dangers at hand that I can see.” “True, my friend,” replied the Boar, “but the instant my life is in danger I shall need to use my tusks. There’ll be no time to sharpen them then.”

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Aesop [2004-02-01]. Aesop’s Fables; a new translation [p. 40]. Public Domain Books. Kindle Edition. Illustration by Milo Winter (1886-1956).

About Beth Masterman

Beth Masterman

Beth specializes in working with successful professionals who have risen to a level of authority through technical expertise or influence and might not have had formal leadership training or coaching, or just want to refresh their awareness. Beth works with individuals and teams on a holistic approach called “Intentional Leadership.”

  • One-to-One Executive Coaching
  • Team Coaching and Development
  • Leadership Training
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Professional Development

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Beth Masterman

“The biggest impact Beth has had on my professional development is to heighten my self-awareness as I navigate through my day. I am much more focused on what I want to accomplish, why and how as I face each task. It has made me more efficient but more importantly, more effective. Beth was persistent in holding me accountable based on our previous sessions. She never let me get away with a short answer and pushed me to elaborate and drill deeper on the issue. This made our process far more valuable and meaningful for me. I admire Beth’s easy-going style along with her honesty and commitment. She was equally committed to my success as I was and that made me want to work harder.”

Robert F. Gorton, CPA/CFF Waldron H. Rand & Company, P.C.

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